About Fathom & Parse

A dynamic synergy between Search Marketing and Public Relations for businesses.

We all know the importance of being searchable in this digital age. But not everyone knows about the synergy between search and public relations. 

At F&P, we have successfully concocted a synergistic formula between Search Engine Marketing and Public Relations. The end result is not just manifold but also impactful. 

Our Methodology

Precision, relevancy, thoughtfully planned. A proven formula for winning in the digital landscape.



We inject discovery intent for new products/services through good Public Relations. The stage of seed planting for the right intents.



We harvest consideration intent through search, and encourage purchase intent through beguiling site design, revolutionary search strategies and enchanting Public Relations campaigns.



We yield the right crops, the right results. Each step is measurable and worthy of your ROAS. 

What We are offering

Our main service is an end-to-end management of the consumer intent cycle: From publicity, to search and your brand’s digital destination. While we also handle each of these components in piecemeal, our greatest strength lies in creating value for you that is greater than the sum of these parts. 

Strategic Search Engine Marketing

Bespoke Public Relations Campaigns

successful Case Studies

Numbers speak louder.

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